NYU Winter Show Postcard

What exactly is it that you do there?

Most—maybe even all—ITPers are all too familiar with the question, quizzically posed by family and friends.

A postcard advertising ITP’s winter show—a two-day exhibition featuring various student-created interactive projects—should be designed with this question firmly in mind.

ITP, and all that goes on there, is difficult to encapsulate in a pithy sentence or a delightfully simple sketch or design.

So rather than distilling the messiness, variety, and depth of ITP, for my design, I chose to embrace it. And I decided to do so fairly literally, beginning by layering slats of images depicting ITP-relevant objects, activities, and interfaces: solderless breadboards, 3D graphical environments, programming environments, a 10Print design, wires, a keyboard, and so on.

I took stock photos, screenshots of my own work, photographs and screenshots of the work of others, and layered them in a stack in Adobe Photoshop.

I also included an image of a hand, in order to maintain a connection to or association with the human element of ITP. In order to foreground this element, which is after all the animating principle of everything we do at ITP, I applied an opacity layer to the design in such a way that the image layer of my hand was unaffected.






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