Business Card Design

I wanted business card to have two components, no more, no less: the text elements (name, job descriptives, and contact information) and a memorable symbol or logo of some sort.

I started with the logo. To begin, I created a spiral in Adobe Illustrator, and subtly manipulated both its center of gravity and its¬†balance, tipping it’s left side slightly above its right.¬†

Next, I exported this design to Photoshop, where I cut it at a slight diagonal, and shifted its two halves in opposite directions, resulting in a subtly “off” design: the perfect spiral is ruined, but (according to my consultation with friends and peers) eye-catchingly so.

This slightly aslant spiral with a mis-matched top and bottom half is then flanked on both sides by circles, one empty, the other filled black. As an array, the three circular forms are mysterious, balanced, and bold. They also loosely symbolize the descriptives that appear beneath my name on the flip side of the card: designer, writer, and technologist.


The empty circle, to me, is synonymous with design, which is often characterized by subtraction and minimalism. The ruined spiral symbolizes writing and thought. And the black circle symbolizes technology, specifically emergent technology, which is, to some extent, characterized by its unpredictability or unknowability, its radical newness and all that that entails.

The back is fairly conventional. I made it in Photoshop.



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