Second p5.js Assignment

Though colorful, last week’s piece was defined by stasis and flatness. I wanted to follow up on this piece with something

What I most wanted to do next was make something that was not only interactive, but also something with multiple layers, compelling visual effects, and movement.





sense of depth and …



It exists in two versions—one version with an uncapped frame rate, and another with a frame rate capped at 10. The uncapped version is closest to my original vision, but it’s also somewhat visually aggressive (those sensitive to rapidly blinking light should probably skip it).


The ellipses are randomly generated (though of a uniform size) in clusters set within sections of 100×100 pixels. The ellipses’ borders (or strokeWeight) are randomly generated as well (flitting between values of 0-10).

The upward ascending horizontal bars are on a loop, and the color of the background is controlled by the user’s movement of the mouse, along the X-axis: when all the way on the left, the canvas is black; on the right, white. The palpitating ellipses look very different depending on whether the canvas is black or white: when black, the eye focuses on the white circles themselves, when white, only on their outlines.

When the sketch is played in its intended FPS (uncapped), it resembles a cross between television static seen from up close and gyrating genetic material.



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