Collaborating with Code

Here is the code to the project Mary and I collaborated on over the past week or so:

Coming around to this sketch was a process, and not an especially easy one. Less so because of the difficulties of finding time (Mary is a part-time student with a full-time job, while I’m the reverse), than because of our shared unfamiliarity with collaborating on a code-centric project. The difficulties chiefly revolved around logistics (how do we work with code over telecommunication? how do we work on code in person together?) and legibility (everyone seems to write code in a different style).

In the end, though, we landed upon a pretty good system for exchanging code and making adjustments to the shared project. Whenever we had minor adjustments to add (color tweaks, subtle animations), we would just send along that line with instructions for where to paste it. Whenever we had more substantial changes (such as a button, more complicated movement, etc.), we would send a link to the entirety of the code.

Learning how to work together on a project like this was as much as the project as the resultant sketch. Both of us are pretty happy with how it turned out, though, and both surely learned a lot about working with code both together and remotely.

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