Character and Early Planning for Final Animation

For my second, extended animation piece, I wanted to do something that doesn’t necessarily rely on a singular character or persona. Given the time constraints for putting this piece together (~two or three weeks), animating, scripting, and modeling a character (and accommodating for its movement, shading, and so on) seems a little cumbersome. I’d prefer instead to focus on a simple avatar and its dynamic interaction with a series of interesting tableau-like backgrounds.

Here is the avatar/character I plan to use for my animation:

I created it in Adobe Photoshop using the brush feature and a palette of different colors I made in the upper left corner. Here’s a screenshot of my work environment:

I simply went back and forth,  between dark shades and light, between the lighter yellow to mustard and brownish to black, adding shadow, inserting color, or introducing white, and evening it all out with multiple layers of soft (brush hardness set to 0%) strokes.


I will likely add to this yellow orb avatar and create alternates for a variety of scenarios over the course of the composition of my animation. I plan on creating lighter versions, darker, more shadowy versions, as well as versions with higher reflectivity for brighter light scenes.

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